• Working with colleagues from around the world, experts in their fields & ours, is a series of sparks... synapses firing in a way that's only possible through collaboration with the diverse perspectives of this beautiful planet...

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    Based on experience from thousands of projects in eighty+ languages.

    • Program management
    • Departmental transitions
    • Strategic interventions
    • PM, CAT tool, and Quality training

    Project Management

    • Translation partner management
    • Streamlined processes
    • Clear work statements
    • Increasing margins and sales
    On time, on budget, and on scope.


    ​From qualified, vetted professionals.

    • Spanish - United States, Spanish - Mexico
    • Nearly any other dialect or language
    • Strong network of ATA-affiliated professionals


    • Control
    • Assessment
    • Management
    • Improvement
    Built into customized production processes.

    Localization Services

    ​Using the latest Computer Assisted Translation technology.

    • Desktop Publishing
    • Web Localization
    • Transcription
    • Subtitles


    • Legal
    • Financial
    • Technical
    • Business
    • Education
    • Information Technology
    For and by independent voices.
  • When you're after professionalism

  • Not understanding the years of training needed to handle content in other languages, some look at what professional translators can do and think, That looks easy! I will do that too. As if they’ve declared themselves to be farmers, providers even, without long years carefully tending a plot of land.

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  • alaina brantner

    Spanish to English Translator

    CEO and Founder of Afterwords Translations, LLC

    Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation

    Assistant Professor of Translation and Localization Management at MIIS

    Assistant Administrator of the Translation Company Division of the American Translators Association


    Find me on LinkedIn and in the ATA directory.

  • when you're after communication

  • Professional communicators are chameleons. They quickly analyze their circumstances, and finely adjust their approach to suit communicative objectives. These adjustments occur naturally as professional communicators move through the world.


    Translators are chameleons in two cultures.

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  • publications

    “A well thought out recruitment process contributes to providing firms and their clients and target users with the implicit peace of mind that comes with a consistent translation product.”

    Some Fundamentals of Project Management

    The ATA Chronicle, Nov/Dec 2016

    “The consultative approach to project management has long‐term benefits, not only for specific clients, but for the profession as a whole.”

    Translating Hugo Chávez: Telling Stories of the Storyteller

    Master's thesis, awarded High Pass with Distinction

    Exploration of political discourse and the power of language to influence in translation.

    Research themes: Venezuelan history, economics, government and culture; narrative theory and discourse analysis; domestication and foreignization in translation.

  • when you're after integrity

  • WHEN YOU GO WITH THE LOWEST BIDDER, YOU RISK havING your confidential content scattered across the internet like dandelion seeds scattered by the wind. Professionals are aware of the international policy governing intellectual property rights over content they share through email, translation management systems, public machine translation engines...

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  • Core Mission

    To contribute to open, respectful dialogue among the diverse people of the world, and to elevate the status of professionalism of those in the fields of localization and translation that make that communication possible.

    Policy on Diversity

    Afterwords Translations, LLC fully subscribes to the Resolution Supporting Diversity of the American Translators Association.


    “Whereas translators and interpreters are committed to promoting and facilitating communication and understanding between peoples, be it resolved that we, members of the American Translators Association, strongly oppose all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, or sexual orientation, as well as all forms of expression of and incitement to xenophobia, racial hatred, and religious intolerance, and strongly favor welcoming qualified immigrants who, with their skills and knowledge, contribute to the wealth of our country or seek refuge here from war or persecution.”

    Statement on Confidentiality

    At Afterwords Translations, we acknowledge that mishandling your content does damage to your brand, reputation, and bottom line. We commit to handling your data with at least the amount of care with which we’d handle our most sensitive personal information.


    Ask what protocols we have in place to protect your content.

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